Picture books can help your EAL students to experience success in reading. Discover how you can use some simple strategies to maximise your reading program in an EAL classroom.

In order to read, we need to first learn the sounds and stress nuances of a language. EAL students often struggle with reading in English as it incorporates a host of new language skills such as sounds, vocabulary, and concepts. In order to create a lifelong love for reading, EAL teachers need to create and support the building blocks that include these skills.

Picture books incorporate additional elements for understanding and enjoyment. In this course, participants will explore how they can invite EAL students into reading activities by beginning with picture books.

This online course will allow you to:

  • Examine - how Comprehensible Input supports reading picture books.
  • Explore - using Pre, During, and Post Reading picture book strategies to support EAL students gain confidence in reading.

Course approach: Self paced

Course length: Approx. 1 hour


This online course is suitable for professionals working in Catholic, Government and Independent Primary or Secondary schools;

  • Early years educators
  • Classroom teachers
  • Specialist teachers
  • Education Support Officers
  • Pre-service, Graduates & Relief teachers

What you need for this online course:

  • Access to a laptop/notebook or desktop device with internet connectivity and headphones.
  • Relevant resources from downloadable links provided.

Meet your Presenter ...

Boney Nathan has worked as an EAL educator for 33 years across multiple settings including International Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Malaysian and Australian public schools. She has a Master of Applied Linguistics, a Graduate Certificate in Education: International Baccalaureate (IB), and a B.Ed TESL (Hons). She lived in Western Australia for twelve years where she was a Deputy Principal and a Teacher Consultant for Classroom Management and Student Engagement Strategies with the Western Australian Department of Education. In 2015, she presented a workshop on Using Picture Books in the EAL Classroom at the Primary English Teaching Association (PEETA) conference in Perth. Since moving to Melbourne in 2016, she has facilitated online International Webinars and face-to-face workshops for several educational organisations. She has also supported EAL students in the DET New Arrivals Program. Boney is currently an active member of the School Leadership Team at a public school in Melbourne in her position as the EAL Learning Specialist and Curriculum Coordinator. She is currently co-writing a step-by step Instructional Strategy Guide for teachers. Boney is passionate about growing EAL knowledge and teaching skills through sharing effective evidence-based practices.