There is a saying “you change the environment, you change the behaviour”. In this online course you will learn what is meant by this saying and how you can apply it to your own environment.

Sensory-friendly environments are a growing trend as there is much more knowledge these days about children with autism, ADHD, trauma, and anxiety related disorders. Research shows that there is value in creating learning spaces for students who present with a dysregulated sensory processing system, as they can be included in their space with more positive outcomes.

During this course you will be introduced to:

  • Historical perspectives about learning environments.
  • Sensory processing and understanding our sensory systems.
  • Three major principles that govern the way students relate to their surroundings.
  • Strategies and tips to create a sensory-friendly environment.

You will see short videos on classroom environments and hear how they address diversity. You will also be provided with key research articles about learning spaces.


  • Understand the contribution of sensory processing in student learning and engagement.
  • Understand the importance of creating learning spaces which are conducive to students’ sensory sensitivities. 

At the completion of this course, you will complete an online quiz.

Course approach: Self paced.

Course length: Approximately 2 hour.


This online course is suitable for professionals working in Catholic, Government, Independent, Special, Primary and Secondary schools:

  • Classroom teachers
  • Specialist teachers
  • Curriculum leaders
  • Education Support Officers
  • Pre-service, Graduates and Relief teachers 

What you need for this online course:

  • Access to a laptop/notebook or desktop device with internet connectivity and headphones.
  • Relevant resources from downloadable links provided.

Meet your Presenter ...

Dr. Anna Bortoli is a Special Education and Autism Consultant. Currently she is a Consultant for a State Specialist School, sessional Lecturer and an independent Consultant. As an independent Consultant she provides professional learning and in-situ training with teachers about strategies and approaches for students and young children with Autism and ADHD. Her work relates to the areas of Structured Teaching, Executive Skills for Learning, Curriculum and IEPs. She delivers tertiary training and Masterclasses in ASD and ADHD. She is TEACCH® Advanced Consultant Level and has received training through Division TEACCH® in North Carolina, enabling her to coach teachers in the implementation of the TEACCH® framework using the Structured Teaching approach. Anna is committed to the professional growth of practitioners in the field of special education.